About Us You’re in good hands with Glozen, the best choice auto parts brand for imported cars.
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CI - You’re in goods hands with Glozen, the most reliable brand in Korea.

Glozen CI


Best way for your car

  • Brand identity
    Glozen is a portmanteau word of “Global”
    and “Zen”, which signifies an oriental
    superiority in the world. It also implies
    that the Company is confident of making
    best products and becoming a global
  • Symbol identity
    A highly intuitive square symbol is
    designed to highlight Glozen’s integrity,
    accuracy and reliability. A simple but
    strong red color is intended to symbolize
    Glozen’s unified identity and
  • Typeface identity
    With a variety of dynamic factors
    (e.g. brand awareness, communication,
    etc.) taken into account, Gothic was
    adopted to represent Glozen’s unique
    brand equity as well as its commitment
    to accuracy.